Family of Schools


From September 2011 we formally ‘Collaborated’ with The Awbridge & Wellow Schools Federation, to provide leadership and school improvement services. Initially both schools were graded as ‘Satisfactory’ by Ofsted until July 2012 when Wellow was re-inspected and subsequently graded as now ‘Good’. Awbridge School was re-inspected in 2013 and is now also graded as Good. Our goal is to ensure that both schools continue to raise standards and achieve outstanding grades at their next inspections.

Our Headteacher, Jo Cottrell, is the Executive Headteacher of all three schools. Leading Wellow and Awbridge are Heads of School, who take responsibility for the day to day running of the school.

At Halterworth, our Assistant Headteachers, Mr Thomas & Mrs Fahey provide strong leadership in Mrs Cottrell’s absence.

Making a difference for our children…

Being part of the Family of Schools brings many benefits to our children via shared resources, expertise and opportunities to do some fun things together such as.. Carol Concerts, Collaboration Games & Quizzes to name but a few…