Each week we recognise children who have made an extra special effort to work hard, overcome a challenge in their learning and achieve something great! We believe getting everything correct doesn’t necessarily indicate that the best learning is achieved… getting things wrong can mean that it is challenging you and making you think and work harder?

We use our 5 REACH characters in certificates and stickers and also display examples of work that demonstrate the character skills!

Ronnie is a resilient rhino

Eddie is an eager eagle

Annie is an adaptable anteater

Charlie is a creative chameleon             and

Holly is a helpful husky

Five sports teams qualify for Hampshire County games 2015!

Over 48 children from Halterworth have qualified for the County games due to take place in Aldershot on June 19. We have 5 teams taking part – Netball, Girls Football, Hockey, Basketball & Rugby. This is an amazing achievement and shows what a busy and hard working year we have had. Congratulations to everyone who has taken part in Level 2 games (area games) and to those going on to compete at this next level.

Winners of the Southern Junior  Rock Challenge Finals June 2014 & Feb 2015 Wow!





Romsey Poetry Competition – Happy Days & Helping Others

We are delighted to announce that Gemma Elnaugh & Ellie Robinson have been selected by The Romsey Round table to read their amazing poems in Romsey Abbey this weekend. The poems are incredibly moving… written in class straight from the heart and only took about an hour! Wow… read here (Gemma’s Poem) (Ellie’s Poem)