Academic Achievements

Early Years

During Reception our children are assessed against the ‘Early Learning Goals’ as a continuation from on-going assessments in Pre-School. By the time they left Reception in 2017, 88% of all children achieved a ‘Good Level of Development’ against a national average of 71%  and 76% in Hampshire in 2016.

Year 1- Phonics

We offer a structured synthetic phonics programme from Reception until a child is confident (typically in Year 2). National screening takes place in Year 1 and in 2017, the percentage of children who achieved the standard was 93%. Any child who has not met the standard is routinely supported and then re assessed in Year 2, all those re tested in 2017 passed the assessment.

Key Stage 1

In 2017, outcomes of Teacher Assessments for Key Stage 1 pupils at Halterworth were as follows:



Expected Standard

Greater Depth

Reading 92%


Writing 87%


Maths 90%