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History forms an integral part of the curriculum at Halterworth and through our teaching we aim to inspire our pupils’ curiosity to know more about the past and help them understand how events and people in the past have influenced the present.
History learning is carefully mapped and throughout Key Stage 1 our pupils will develop an awareness of the past through the study of significant individuals who have achieved nationally and internationally. They will also study significant events linked to the local area as well as studying changes within living memory and those events beyond living memory that have had a significant impact nationally or globally.
In Key Stage 2 pupils will develop a secure understanding of local, British and world history, making connections and contrasts over time as well as using appropriate historical vocabulary and having a greater appreciation of chronology.
History is taught through a mixture of discreetly taught units but also through strong cross curricular links. The use of an enquiry based approach is fundamental to the subject, and the children are taught how to ask, investigate and answer questions. This enquiry based learning allows opportunities for collaborative work as well as independent research. A systematic and organised way of thinking and working comes from an involvement in enquiry based learning.
Children are given opportunities to develop their understanding of the past through the use of artefacts, historical documents, including reports, photographs numerous written sources, newspaper articles and they are given valuable opportunities to research using electronic media. There are a wide variety of history focuses school trip and