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Paddy our School Dog

Paddy is a working cocker spaniel, born on St Patrick's Day in 2021. 



He started his life at Halterworth in September 2021 and has very quickly become a hugely loved and valued member of the school community. 


Children come with staff to take Paddy for walks, read with him, teach and practise tricks and learn skills about caring for animals as well as how to be confident and safe around dogs.


Paddy loves greeting children and parents on the gate in the morning which can be particularly helpful in supporting children who find coming into school tricky. Paddy also enjoys being able to help children who are experiencing a difficult time by listening to them, helping them to calm down or making them laugh with his antics.



Paddy’s love is not just reserved for children and he loves being able to spend time with staff who may appreciate a mindful moment with a loving companion, or a reason for a walk around our beautiful grounds.