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We have built an enthusiastic and hugely committed team at Halterworth and appoint enthusiastic and skilled staff when the opportunity arises, to bring new ideas and opportunities for our children. We support all staff to achieve outstanding outcomes and provide rich professional development opportunities to be the best they can be in their role.


The school is led by Jo Cottrell as Executive Headteacher.  She is responsible for the overall strategic direction and success of this school and also for our Family of Schools at Awbridge & Wellow. As a National Leader in Education (NLE), Jo and her team have been selected by the Department for Education to support and reach out to other schools. Jo is supported by a strong team and, following designation as a National Teaching School, the senior leadership team has been restructured as follows:


Phil Thomas has grown through the ranks of Halterworth as a teacher to become Head of School and is responsible for the day to day leadership of the school. He is a keen musician  and leads regular mindfulness sessions for children.


Jayne Fahey joined Halterworth in 2011, bringing a wealth of experience from schools in challenging circumstances. Also as Head of Teaching School  she takes particular responsibility for ‘Curriculum and Professional Development’ and leads our work in developing the next generation of enthusiastic and highly skilled teachers.



Lorraine Pattinson & Tamsin O’Keeffe are our Assistant Headteachers.


Lorraine joined Halterworth in 2013 following a secondment from Wellow Primary School having previously taught in London.    As Assistant Headteacher, she also takes responsibility for English and the curriculum  across the school as well as leading KS1.


Like Phil, Tamsin has grown through the ranks at Halterworth, and  leads KS2 whilst sharing responsibility for our Teaching School. She also leads Music across the school and enjoys coordinating opportunities for Halterworth pupils to get involved in music in the local community.


Helen Cater, our Early Years Leader has taught through all of Key Stage 1 at Halterworth.  Prior to starting her teaching career, Helen was  an HR consultant. She became Supervisor to the Wellow Under Fives Pre School, where she was responsible for all aspects of day to day management, whilst her own children were small. She will be based at Awbridge Primary School this academic year but taking an overview of EYFS in our Family of Schools.


Jenny Kittley-Davies, a qualified Special Needs Coordinator, is the Executive Inclusion Leader/SENDCo who takes particular responsibility for pupils with additional educational needs. Supported by the Lead teacher for Inclusion, Debbie Mayo, she ensures that as a school we do all that we can to ensure that every child makes superb progress.



Alison Tanner is our Admin Manager and is responsible for the day to day administrative  service that we offer to our pupils and parents. Supported by a friendly and efficient team which includes Sue Gray, Julia Welch and Gemma Lewis, Alison is committed to ensuring that the first contact you may have with our school is welcoming, helpful and courteous.