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In 2021-2022, we had 60 pupils in Year R. 

85% pupils achieved a Good Level of Development. 

Nationally, this percentage was not collated or published for the previous two years, but the outcomes in 2019 were 71.8% children achieving a Good Level of Development. 

Year 1 Phonics

We offer a structured synthetic phonics programme from Reception until a child is confident (typically in Year 2).

National screening takes place in Year 1 and this year, the percentage of Year 1 pupils who reached the standard was 85%. 

In 2019, the percentage of Halterworth children who reached the standard was also 85%. Our average over the last 3 measured years (2018, 2019 and 2022) was 89%.


In 2019, the national proportion of children who reached the standard was 82%. 

There are indications that the proportion of children nationally who reached the standard in 2022 will be around 76%.


Children who do not reach the standard at Year 1 are routinely supported and then re-assessed in Year 2. Our pupils who re-tested in 2022 will continue to receive targeted teaching and support as have not yet reached the standard. 


End of Key Stage 1 Assessment

Teacher Assessment at Year 2 is informed by National Tests completed by the children in the Summer term. 

Although National Assessment data for 2022 is still emerging, there are indications that outcomes in all 3 subjects fell between 2019 and 2022. 




Expected Standard (Halterworth) 


Expected Standard (Halterworth)


Expected Standard (National) 




Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

Pupils art Year 4 complete a 25 question Times Tables Multiplication Test online in the Summer term. They have 6 seconds to complete each question. 

There is no published pass mark for this test. 

72% of our Year 4 pupils in 2022 achieved the highest score possible of 25 out of 25.

End of Key Stage 2 Assessment


For the National Headlines at Key Stage 2 please follow this link.


Assessments were cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. 


Outcomes for 2022 at Halterworth and Nationally are shown below: 


SubjectHalterworth 2022National outcomes 2022

87% expected standard

27% higher score

74% expected standard
Writing (teacher assessment) 

78% expected standard

23% greater depth

69% expected standard

89% expected standard

37% higher score

71% expected standard
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

87% expected standard

43% higher score

72% expected standard
Reading, Writing and Maths

81% expected standard

13% greater depth/high score

59% expected standard