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Halterworth Primary School Promotional Video

A short film to provide a summary of life at Halterworth Community Primary School in Romsey.

To parents with children due to start school in September 2021


For those not familiar with Halterworth, we had set up limited outside tours on the dates below. However, in light of the new guidelines, from Thursday 5 November, we will no longer be able to offer these tours.   We will be setting up Zoom meetings on these dates instead, so please contact the school office via phone or email if you would like to join one of these.

If you are already familiar with the school or would rather not join a Zoom, please see the short video above. 


If you would like to book a Zoom for one of these sessions, please contact the school office at or by phone on 01794 512028


Wednesday 7 October am                      9:30        10:30     11:30

Thursday 8 October am                           9:30        10:30     11:30

Tuesday 13 October am                           9:30        10:30     11:30

Wednesday 14 October pm                                                                   1:15        2:15

Wednesday 11 November am                9:30        10:30     11:30

Thursday 12 November am                    9:30        10:30     11:30

Tuesday 1 December am                         9:30        10:30     11:30

Wednesday 2 December pm                                                                 1:15        2:15



Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision to make as a parent and we want to be able to help make this a straightforward process for you.  We recommend that you visit the schools in your locality to ask the questions important for you and of course see the school at work.


If you would like your child to attend our school, please contact the school office in the first instance.  We can give you the latest status of the waiting lists, application procedure and make an appointment for you to visit.


If your child is due to start school, you will probably see notices around local shops, pre-schools and the library telling you to contact your catchment area school. Applications should be made on-line in the Autumn term at with a closing date early in the following January.  If you are unable to complete a form online, Hampshire Local Education Authority forms may be collected from the school office if you live within our catchment area.


Year R children have the opportunity to attend school full-time at the start of September, but the first day will be either the morning or afternoon session only to introduce the children to school.


If you are moving into our area, please contact the office or the county admissions team. They will then let you know whether places are available or whether you need to join our waiting list.


County Admissions Team
Children’s Services Department
The Castle
SO23 8UG

Tel: 0845 603 5623