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Vision & Values

Our School Values

Curiosity, Innovation, Excellence & Respect…


We will facilitate a challenging, thoughtful and exhilarating curriculum for all of our children through the provision of rich, varied learning opportunities and experiences that will enable them to be the very best they can be. Those achievements will be academic, creative, competitive and collaborative. Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to apply their attitudes skills and knowledge in meaningful situations.


We do this by encouraging

Curiosity – taking an interest in the world around them, asking questions, listening to the views of others and living comfortably with difference.

Innovation – the development of skills and confidence to create new opportunities and ideas; thinking deeply and creatively.

Excellence – working hard at being the best they can be in all aspects of their lives, recognising that mistakes are opportunities to be stronger and struggle is a great way to build confidence.

Respect - showing patience and kindness, taking care of ourselves, recognising that we are all unique, and our place in the world.



We aim to nurture ambitious, confident, caring and respectful young citizens who take an active role in their communities who believe that they have a voice and responsibility to shape their world.



Our School rules


We teach our children to develop ‘growth mind-sets’ click here to find out more…



Learning Behaviours

We encourage our children to develop key learning behaviours, and inspire the children to think and behave in particular ways when they are learning. Certificates and stickers are provided to recognise occasions when children have demonstrated key elements of those behaviours.