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Creativity Collaborative Programme

Creativity Collaboratives Project

Earlier this year, we were extremely lucky to be one of only 8 lead schools across the country to successfully win a bid in partnership with Arts Council England.  Over three years,  the project aims to trial varied methods of teaching that help children and young people to develop their creative capabilities to enrich their life chances by developing them into creative and confident problem solvers.

In collaboration with the University of Winchester, the programme started with a launch conference in January and eight partner schools. This will expand to twelve schools by the end of the project. 

  The network will grow creativity collaboratives through a number of different pathways starting primarily in schools with specially designated Creativity Champions working alongside teachers and developing practice in classrooms.  Teachers and leaders will be supported through a range of development days, school to school support, teacher research groups and opportunities to network, share and discuss best practice.

Additionally, we will have the support of some incredible advisors who will work alongside us; Winchester Science Centre, 64 Million Artists, LEGO Foundation, The Centre for Real World Learning and the OECD to name but a few.

We are very excited about the prospects of running this project and will look forward to sharing updates with you in the near future.